Brimwood Farm is a small farm set in rural, beautiful Suffolk, UK. Having been left largely unused for over two decades, Geoff and Saad Huda-Wakeling are regenerating the land to become a working small farm that places a strong priority upon self-sufficiency, conservation and community.


Farming approaches include:

  • No-Dig Gardening

  • Pasture-based Livestock

  • Agroforestry

  • Regenerative Agriculture

These work alongside, and often in perfect synchronicity, with conservation projects that include the Wildflower Meadow, Woodland Expansion, British Bluebell Grove, Pond Restoration, Biodiversity Studies and the Owl Nesting Box Campaign to name a few. In addition, broader, longer-term goals include supporting not only farm growth, but local economic and community growth too via education, employment and events.

Come and get involved over on our YouTube channel. Check out the 'About' page to find out more and discover ways to support us, and feel free to browse the articles and see what you, too, can grow and rear in your own space. 


A variety of poultry, pheasants, quail and waterfowl are kept with hatching eggs, chicks and young-stock available.


Conservation at Brimwood Farm includes a wildflower meadow, English bluebell grove, dredging ponds, putting up owl boxes and conducting biodiversity studies.



We grow a variety of vegetables for sale at Farmers' Markets and the farmgate including crunchy radishes, sweet salads, juicy tomatoes, microgreens and more.