Future Farming Plans

Current circumstances mean that dreams of working at Brimwood Farm full-time are still a couple of years away. Yes, it's frustrating, but it also gives PLENTY of time for reading, learning and planning. I might well do things in a few years very differently from how I'd approach them now. As an example, only last year my plans were to simply fence the fields and let the beasts graze them. Now, however, I'm much more informed and want to use a mob-grazing system, mixing cattle and sheep across small sections of field and moving them every day or so. But more about that in another post. 

For now, let's outline current ideas. Many of the plans won't change. Below you can see an outline of the projects/work/challenges that need to be completed to breathe Brimwood Farm into life. Many of these are long term projects - in some cases, they'll take DECADES to achieve. 

Farming Plans.jpg

1. Proposed Farmhouse Site. 

2. Ornamental Pheasantry and Falconry with additional aviaries for pet bird breeding projects.

3. Natural Pond One

4. White Buddleia Walkway - Project Started

5. Wildflower Meadow - Project Started

6. Native Woodland Extension - Project Started

7. Nuttery and Chickens below. Camping at the 'Overlook' complete with fire-pit, herb garden and landscaping. - Project Started

8. Manmade Waterfowl Pond

9. British Bluebell Grove - Project Started

10.Natural Pond Two - Restoration Project Started

11/12/13/14 - Pasture and Grazing for Broiler Chickens/Sheep/Cattle


I've not yet decided where some things will go. For example, the Market Farm Garden will need at least an acre of space. Currently, my plans are to have it in pasture field 14 in front of the house, which makes sense for both labour and utility access. However, there's an extensive hedge blocking light, as well as the proposed house so I may need to alter it's positioning. In addition, our fruit trees aren't yet documented as I will be growing cordons alongside Gabian Walls that define our driveway boundary. These, therefore, cannot be planted until the house and landscaping is complete. 

Other things like a rabbit colony, goats and any larger livestock shelters are yet to have positions planned. 

You Can Help

It's very clear that there is A LOT of work to do. Also, there are A LOT of projects to try and achieve. But, hard work gets there in the end. If you'd like to help with these projects, you can do so by joining our Patreon or simply shopping on Amazon via our affiliate links. Find out more at the bottom of our ABOUT page. 

Thanks for reading,