Hi! I'm Geoff, a wannabe farmer with the dream to make it a reality. And I'm going to share that journey here...

Farming's in my blood. My grandfather herded the family's pigs circa 1916 to the new land bought by his father, and then worked the land until he died in 2001. Farming skipped a generation with my own dad, and with me off at university in London, most of the buildings and some of the land was sold. BUT...my farming aspirations have returned!

Now, whilst running a tiny urban farm and seeing if I can get it to actually be profitable, I have my sights firmly set upon converting the only barn at Brimwood Farm and starting a smallholding all of my own. 

My farming principles are based on organic sustainability teamed with conservation. I truly believe to get the best from the land, you have to work with it and encourage all the bugs, birds and other creatures to come along for the ride. To that end, we've sown a 2.5 acre wildflower meadow, planted a bluebell grove, and begun putting up owl boxes across the land. In the future, we want to plant more woodland, dredge some of the ancient ponds and do some severe hedge maintenance to increase diversity. 

At home in our small urban patch, we make our own compost where possible, use all that poultry poop and stay away from pesticides and slug bait. 

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How can YOU help?!

Luckily, there's loads you can do to help this venture. Simply by watching my YouTube videos you're supporting the farm. You could also directly help by joining my Patreon for behind the scenes exclusives and chat, or you can just shop on Amazon as normal using one of the links below and I'll get a small commission, helping to build the dream.