Brimwood Farm sells a variety of things, from hatching eggs to cage and aviary birds. Please note, no livestock can be delivered and currently the only products available for mail order are hatching eggs. For all inquiries please use the contact form below.   

Hatching Eggs

Available for mail order

Poland chickens - Great characters & fun chickens to keep. Please note, not show standard. 

Barbu d'Anvers - One of the Belgium bantam breeds. A beautiful little chicken. 

Coturnix Quail - Fantastic bird for the smallholding, especially in small space. A lovely sweet egg, quick to mature and easy to keep.

Ixworth Chicken - A dual-purpose heritage breed that lays well and grows to a good size for the table. 

Chicks and Pullets

Local pick-up only

Throughout the year we have a number of chicks and pullets on offer for the breeds mentioned above (Poland, Barbu d'Anver, Quail and Ixworth). There are also limited silkie and hybrids which will be listed here when available. 

Cage & Aviary Birds

Local pick-up only

Zebra finches - The perfect 'starter' bird. Easy to keep, quick to breed and a colourful addition to any home. 

Budgies - The all-round popular parakeet. Babies are normally hand-tame and come in a variety of colours. 


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