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The wildflower meadow was started in 2015, supported by a crowdfunding campaign to buy enough seeds to cover 2.5 acres of arable land previously used for oilseed rape. Species include ox-eye daisies, papaver, birdsfoot trefoil, plantain and more. Work continues to scythe the field each year, introduce golden rattle to prevent the spread of grass and continue the spread of naturally produced seed.



With a pair of barn owls and two pairs of tawny owls on site, there’s ample opportunity to boost the breeding of these local and native birds of prey. With the help of a crowfunding campaign, 4 eco-friendly nesting boxes were bought and erected at sites on Brimwood Farm. It is our aim to have nestlings weighed and tagged to aid future conservation efforts. A variety of other boxes (including bird, kestrel and bat) will also be placed to increase overall local biodiversity.

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With the Spanish bluebell invading Britain and diluting our own British bluebell genome, it’s important to establish new English Bluebell sites. This project began with a mere 100 bulbs being planted, with more added each year with the hope a brand new bluebell grove will be established.



With two natural ponds on site, there’s the ideal opportunity to regenerate these overgrown oasis into a wildlife friendly area catering not only to aquatic life, but acting as a water source for other species too. Work began in 2018 and continues in 2019 with cutting back and introducing native planting to one pond before work begins on the other.



To establish exactly what fauna are on site, biodiversity studies continue via grid studies, tracking and visual identifications. We keep a regularly updated list of species to help us develop conservation projects to aid present fauna and attract others.